Post Wedding Care

And what to do now?   After a beautiful wedding day and often an extensive evening party, wedding dresses tend to be seriously ready for a dry clean, like the dress coming from an outdoor wedding party. We at B&A offer post wedding bridal dress care including... read more

Bridal Shoes & Accessories

Wedding shoes – SALE 30%  MORE THAN WEDDING DRESS ALTERATIONS. At B&A we hold a small but beautiful collection of wedding shoes, and we can make veils and boleros especially for you. Please do ask for more information in your fitting consultation or call us... read more

Bridal Alteration Costs

    WHY IT IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE TO GIVE REALISTIC ESTIMATES FOR BRIDAL ALTERATION COSTS OVER THE PHONE WITHOUT HAVING SEEN THE GARMENT. We are often asked to estimate wedding dress alterations – over the phone – but giving an ‘unseen’... read more


  THE ART OF FITTING         We regularly get asked the question: “What in fact is the difference between a fitter and a tailor?” The answer is: “A tailor does not necessarily need to be a fitter but a fitter needs to be a tailor and much more than that.” Fitters... read more

Made to Measure

BRIDAL MADE TO MEASURE This beautiful wedding dress will be travel all the way to Australia to be worn for a sunshine Christmas wedding. Recent Posts Post Wedding Care Bridal Shoes & Accessories Bridal Alteration Costs THE ART OF FITTING Made to Measure... read more

B&A-specialised bridal alterations and tailoring

IN THE MEANTIME … at Bride & Alter – our bridal specialist Marie expressed her valuable advice in an editorial of  ‘Your London Wedding Magazine’ addressing the question ‘what to do being pregnant and needing to make sure that your wedding dress will fit you on... read more

Wedding dress alteration and bodyshape

LETS EMBRACE IT! Rather than wanting what others have, perhaps thinking we would be happier if we had it, we should all embrace what we have! This applies especially to our body shape – flatter and make the most of what you have by carefully choosing what you wear –... read more


THE FAMOUS A.P.C. Jeans “A touch of humour and a bit of disrespect: That’s what a legend needs to survive.” Karl Lagerfeld           This particular pair of A.P.C. (Atelier de Production et de Création) has emotional and cult brand value and no... read more

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