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Our consultation hours have changed. We are open on Thursdays, Saturdays, and selected weekdays.
Fittings & consultations are by appointment only. Email to book. To cancel, please call us on 020 7498 4360. 
We continue to wear face masks to ensure clients’ and staffs’ safety. Can we kindly ask you to also wear a mask when you come for your appointment? Please read our guidelines.


Do you have ideas and a vision what you want your wedding dress to look like? Get in touch with our team to discuss. We offer a 25% Discount on made to measure and bespoke dress making.

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25% Discount on bespoke and made to measure bridal wear. Our Team turns your ideas into the perfect dress for your wedding! Offer ends 31 Dec 21. brideandalter photo

Bridal fitting appointments are a great opportunity to discuss your dress and make sure it fits you perfectly on your wedding day. Our fitters will support you with their experience, knowledge and skills.
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Bride & Alter has partnerships with many bridal designers and stockists in London. Are you interested in working with us? We tailor our services to your needs. Please get in touch with our team to discuss further.




‘Bride & Alter were wonderful – amazing work on my wedding dress and they made the whole process enjoyable and calm. Would highly recommend.’


‘I can’t thank you again for everything you did for me and my dress. It fitted perfectly and made my day even more magical!’ 



Bridesmaids & Bridal Party 
25% Discount on made-to-measure and bespoke wedding dresses, ends 31 January 2022


Our seamstresses and tailors are back! ❤️🪡✂️

Have you bought your wedding dress yet? To book your bridal consultation or enquire about wedding dress alterations, please email

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Language of pinning.
This @dandolondon wedding dress needs to be let out in the area around the hips. A cross of pins indicates the beginning and another one the end of the area.

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Throwback - This bespoke wedding dress we made for a bride who got married in San Francisco City Hall was so much fun!

The bride wanted a dress that she could wear more than just once, perfect in the eyelet fabric. We love the groom who is holding up his documents, truly happy to have taken the step into marriage. 😍

🛎 B&A offers a 20% discount on bespoke bridal.

As long as you express your interest until the 31st of Dec and book a free consultation, you are entitled to benefit from the discount. Offer ends on the 31 Dec. 2021. Get in touch via 🔗 in bio ⬆️

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⬆️ This is where we are and where to come to for your bridal fittings and consultations - 14 Ingate Place, SW8 3NS.

Bride & Alter is located under the arches in Battersea and shares its comfortable fitting studio with its sister company @designandalter .

It is very easy to get to by public transport, trains and busses. We are situated four minutes walk from Queenstown Rd and 10 minutes from Battersea Park Station. We offer free client parking for two hours.
The light-flooded workroom where our team of seamstresses alter your bridal gown is also under arches close by, at Queens Circus.

We look forward to seeing you! ❤️

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Are you looking for

Bridal fitting @themewsbridal ❤️

💡 You might wonder about the white gloves. We ask brides to wear them to avoid any make up and dirt marks on the white dresses, a precaution!

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Post wedding: Dress restyling and shortening in progress. 🪡

📌Our sister company @designandalter offers a 20% discount on day and evening wear alterations. Bridal wear alterations excluded.

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Because the wedding gown is too beautiful to be worn only once, Adina decided to restyle it and turn it into a shorter cocktail/party dress. It will look incredible! ❤️

📸 @adina.dumitru89 in @verawangbride
Thank you for sending us this beautiful pic! ❤️

🛎 B&A supports brides with a more sustainable take on their bridal choices and offers a 10% discount to have their wedding dresses restyled after their wedding. Get in touch via link in bio 👆🏽👆🏻

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Our seamstress works on a bespoke collar made of pleated silk layers. The collar is removable and can be worn with a bridal outfit and a jacket or a coat after the wedding. Get in touch to discuss your ideas with our team via link in bio. 👆🏻👆🏽

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Thank you, Adina, for the spectacular pictures of your wedding. ❤️💍 How incredibly beautiful!

Our team says thank you for your feedback. ‘It looked amazing! Thanks for the stellar job done to fit it!’ ✨

Dress @verawangbride

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✨ We want to share this beautiful sleeve detail with you; a scalloped bell sleeve.

Some brides choose bridal styles that cover arms and the back for a more modest bridal look. They are cautious about how much skin they reveal, especially for the wedding service. 👰🏻‍♀️

📌 Our bespoke department makes beautiful boleros, capes and tops in lace and bridal fabrics that complement your wedding dress. To find out more, please contact us. Link in bio 👆🏽👆🏻

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What happens in a bridal fitting?🪡
Our fitters advise you and pin your bridal gown. They make suggestions on how to create the best look for your wedding day. Is is essential to bring the correct underwear and shoes to the appointment to ensure the best fit and apply the right length to your dress. As you can see in the picture, we need to pin each dress layer separately.

The fitting appointment is also an opportunity to discuss how you want to manage your dress during your wedding day. For example, we can add a bustle or a hand loop to allow a boogie in the evening.

📸 bridal dress @margauxtardits margauxtardits

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‘I’ve just had my wedding photos through and said I’d share a few with the dress so you can see your lovely work in action.’

Wedding Dress @themewsbridal

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The bridal season has calmed down but we still have plenty of bridal dresses to alter. How busy was this summer! ❤️

📸 Bozhana steams a @themewsbridal dress for a collection fitting.

#bridalfitting #bridalalterations #bridalalterationsspecialist #weddingdressalterations

❤️ Should you decide on a last-minute micro wedding, contact us to book your bridal fitting appointment. Please follow link in bio. 👆🏽👆🏻

📸 @brideandalter fitting studio, @phillipalepley dress, the dress has been pinned to be shortened.

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DREAM WEDDING DRESS 👰🏻‍♀️ Do you have ideas for your dream wedding dress? What type of lace would you use? Our made to measure team would be delighted to support you in the creative process.

To book your free consultation, follow link in bio and email us.

📌 We offer a 25% discount on bespoke bridal and wedding outfits. Promotion ends on the 31st of Dec.

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The picture shows a veil we made for a bride who wanted to incorporate some detailing of her mother’s bridal outfit into her wedding gown. So we applied some floral lace elements of her mum’s dress to her veil as well.

🛎 In addition to our veil collection, we create bespoke veils translating our clients’ ideas. Our current promotion, a 25% discount on bespoke bridal, includes bespoke veils. Offer runs until the 31 Dec.

To book an appointment, please follow link in bio 👆🏽👆🏻

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Design & Alter

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Wedding Dresses, Sample Dresses & Alteration Costs

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Bridal Veils & Accessories

Bridal Veils & Accessories

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Bridal Fittings Season 2021

Bridal Fittings Season 2021

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Promotion: 25% Discount for your Bridal Party

Promotion: 25% Discount for your Bridal Party

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Wedding Dress & Bridal Restyling

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Bridal Sample Dresses

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Bridal Vintage

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Bridal Alterations – Summer Promotions 2018

Bridal Alterations – Summer Promotions 2018

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What is the most common style mistake a bride makes?

What is the most common style mistake a bride makes?

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Bride & Alter

Bride & Alter, the sister company of Design & Alter, is one of London’s leading wedding dress and bridal alterations services, based in Battersea. Having established our profession for over 25 years, we are a dedicated team of highly skilled and experienced fitting consultants, seamstresses, dressmakers and tailors trusted by London’s leading bridal designers with their wedding dress alterations.

  • Wedding dress alterations
  • Bridal alterations
  • Bridal garment alterations
  • Couture bridal alterations – hand finish
  • Made-to-measure and bespoke bridal tailoring
  • Restyling and restoring of vintage bridal wear
  • Mother of bride dress alterations and tailoring
  • Bridesmaids’ Dress Alterations 
  • Groom suit alterations and tailoring
  • Jacket alterations and jacket tailoring
  • Trouser alterations
  • Shirt alterations

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