Whether it is the mother-of-bride or the father-of-groom, any member of the bridal party is entitled to this fantastic promotion, a 25% discount on full garment alterations to ensure the ultimate fabulous look on the wedding day.

Our made-to-measure department offers bespoke outfits for the bride and mother-of-bride to mark the occasion with a unique garment made for you in organza, taffeta, chiffon, laces, satins or crepe. We regularly tailor outfits inspired by loved favourites and modify the pattern of a proven day dress to create a festive and luxurious outfit for the wedding day. Our team offers free consultations to discuss your ideas in more detail. Please email to enquire.


Getting married …

Getting married does not mean that only the bride and groom need to look fabulous. Your wedding is one of your life events. It leaves a lasting legacy and is captured in photographs published on social media. Details count. The look-amazing pressure is on all members of the bridal family: Mother-of-bride and groom, father-of-bride and groom and of course the supporting bridesmaids and the best man. To support your wedding preparations and ensure the bridal party looks fabulous, we offer a 25% discount on alterations of your bridal party. Please contact us to find out more. Email: 

More information on bespoke and made-to-measure garments for brides and mother-of-brides here

The wedding dress above was made for a Scottish Wedding. We turned the bride’s beautiful ideas into reality. 



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