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by | Oct 19, 2016 | At The Altar, Blog


at Bride & Alter – our bridal specialist Marie expressed her valuable advice in an editorial

of  ‘Your London Wedding Magazine’ addressing the question

‘what to do being pregnant and needing to make sure that your

wedding dress will fit you on your wedding day’.

‘Whether or not you will need to buy a new wedding dress will very much depend on the construction and style of your particular wedding dress. Some styles are easier to adjust than others. Is there enough seam allowance to be let out? Can any panels be added to potentially re-style and re-shape your centre back into a lace up style? These are details, which we would need to look at in a fitting consultation. At Bride & Alter we regularly have queries by brides in similar situations to yours and are often able to offer great solutions.

I would like to mention one example of a pregnant bride I have recently advised and seen:

At the time of her wedding day, her dress fitted her perfectly and she was very happy and felt comfortable and confident: But what had happened was that her bump had grown so much that the bodice of her dress would have been 8cm too small. In her consultation I had suggested to put panels in the side seams of the bodice, using fabric from the hem, which also needed altering. The alteration process was done in tack fitting stages for me to see how much her bump was growing and to adjust the panels accordingly. Using fabric from her dress made the alteration very discreet.

The client was very impressed and delighted that such high standards could be achieved by an alteration of the kind offered.’

Marie Martin

Senior Bridal Consultant



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