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Jan 9, 2024 | At The Altar, Blog

Your wedding is the only day in your life you can wear a veil; this is a reason to consider adding magic and glamour to your bridal with your choice of veil. It can be simple or elaborate with lace and embellishment, enhancing your look and adding a personal touch.

Bride & Alter offers a small but beautiful collection of veils, boleros, sashes, belts and bespoke accessories made for you in silk, tulle, chiffon and organza with lace border, detailing or customised embroidery. Our team can create beautiful puff sleeves, capes and additional features for your dress.

Your veil – your bridal look

Please share your ideas and email us your photographs!

Past Veil Projects

Updating family heirloom veils, adding new decorative elements
Embroidery of veils with a beautiful love message
The couple bought a beautiful lace in Venice, their first trip; we applied it to the veil
Adding elements of a vintage veil to a new one to make it work with the overall vintage look


  • A – Short veil – £120 
  • B – Mid/short, veils – £150 
  • C – Long soft tulle veil – £170
  • D – Mid single layer veil – £250 
  • E – Long veil with lace train – £320 
  • F – Long with a blusher – £320
  • G – Long single layer – £240
  • H – Long with lace trim – starts £450
  • I –  Detachable cape, soft tulle – £300
  • J – Detachable cape, stock tulle – £250 

Eco tulle – 298 cm wide

Stock tulle – 300 cm wide 

Soft tulle – 300 cm wide 


Getting married …

Getting married does not mean that only the bride and groom need to look fabulous. Your wedding is one of your life events. It leaves a lasting legacy and is captured in photographs published on social media. Details count. The look-amazing pressure is on all members of the bridal family: Mother-of-bride and groom, father-of-bride and groom and of course the supporting bridesmaids and the best man. To support your wedding preparations and ensure the bridal party looks fabulous, we offer a 25% discount on alterations of your bridal party. Please contact us to find out more. Email: 



Bridal Alterations

Bridal Party Discount 25%

To all B&A brides: Any member of your bridal party is invited to have their wedding and evening clothes altered with us. We offer a 25% discount on alteration charges. Book your appointment: 






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