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Please read the notes before attending your appointment.

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Please bring your bridal shoes and well-fitted undergarments to your dress fitting. If you still need to buy your shoes, bring some with the same heel height as those you want to wear. We cannot fit your dress without both and will need to reschedule your appointment for another time. 


A dress fitting needs focus, and it is essential to bring the support that makes you feel at ease. You may come accompanied by a maximum of two people. 


In your fitting appointment, you discuss with our experienced bridal fitters your desired bridal look. Our fitter will then advise you on the required alterations. We start with the top of your dress and then move on to adjust the length of your gown. At the end of the fitting, you will receive a cost estimate based on an hourly rate of £72 for fitting and alteration services. Before starting the alterations, we take a 50% deposit payment.


Should you decide not to go ahead with the alterations, we will charge for the fitting appointment; in return, your dress is ready to start the alterations. 

We look forward to seeing you! 

Your Team B&A 

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