Offer: 25% Discount on Alterations for each member of your Bridal Party




Getting married …

does not mean that only bride and groom have to look fabulous on the wedding day!

Your wedding is one of your life-time events and will leave a lasting legacy, forever. The look-good, look perfect, look-amazing pressure is on all members of the bridal family: Mother of bride and groom, father of bride and groom and of course the supporting bridesmaids and the best man. The perfect fit of your wedding dress and well chosen outfits of the entire bridal family are key and will be captured in photographs and film footage. 

Being published on social media, each detail counts and to choose the perfect wedding dress, colour scheme, flower decoration, stationary, venue, catering, photography and entertainment can feel overwhelming however relaxed you try to approach your wedding planning. 

To support your wedding preparations and to ensure the fabulous outcome we offer look after your festive outfits with alterations and tailoring. If you have your wedding dress altered with us, all your guests receive a 25% discount on their garments alterations. The offer runs until end of August 2019. D&A Ts&Cs apply. 




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The offer is valid until the end of August 2019 and aims to support your bridal party. All outfits should be fitted perfectly to ensure you can relax and truly enjoy your wedding day. Regular ladies’ alterations for mother of bride and bridesmaids alterations are: take in/let out waists,  dresses need taking up, straps shortened and necklines restyled. Menswear alterations for the groom, best man and father of bride and groom tend to be: shortening/lengthening trousers, taking in waists of trouser and jackets, shortening jacket sleeves. 

If you would like to find out more about the ‘Offer for the Bridal Party’, please call us on 020 7498 4360 or email: 

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