The Art of Fitting

Design & Alter has a powerful team of professionals consisting of tailors, fitters, seamstresses, dressmakers and specialists in almost all fields of clothes. We regularly get asked the question: ‘What is the difference between a fitter and a tailor?’ The answer is: ‘Tailors and seamstresses measure, cut, sew, and finish garments holding all expertise and abilities of tailoring and dressmaking. They do not necessarily need to know how to fit clothes.

Fitters need a different, slightly more comprehensive skillset. Not only do they require to be excellent fitters they also demand comprehensive knowledge of tailoring, dress construction, styles, and body shapes. Bride & Alter/Design & Alter offer the highest quality of alterations and therefore D&A fitters need an eye for the famous ‘attention to detail’ to truly perfect the fit. It is down to the fitters to communicate each alteration step clearly and meticulously to guarantee the best outcome; fitters are the important link between the client and our workroom.

bridal alterations   bridal alterations

When you come to us as a client, please let your fitter know the look you are aiming to achieve. Tell us about the difference the alteration is supposed to make for you. Clothing alterations can be pricy and if you feel it might exceed your budget, your fitter often can advise you on alternatives and prioritising alterations to save costs.

DSC_0066   bridal fitting Temi

Bride & Alter’s sister company Design & Alter offers a service to detox your wardrobe. This appointment is an opportunity to discuss whether or not dresses, evening wear, designer garments, suits, and more formal work clothes can be restyled, updated or repaired. One of our experienced fitters will come to your house. Together with you, she explores your clothes, offers advice and finds solutions for you to make the most of your existing wardrobe. A detox exercise is more relevant for quality clothes and favourite signature garments rather than fast fashion which does often not justify alteration costs.

Should you be tempted by bargain buys, especially the ones that widely vary from your standard dress size, we recommended to call us and talk to one of our fitters before you buy. The perfect fit can be pricy and in some instances higher than the cost of the purchase of a bargain,  simply because, taking down an item by two sizes is almost like retailoring it. 

DSC_0042‘Understanding’ is another quality of a fitter’s must-have-skills: To advise clients in fitting appointments in alignment with clients’ individual styles, a fitter needs to capture a sense of this when a client walks through the door. She should ask herself the questions: ‘How can I bring out the best of the client’s body shape? Does this client like an expressive or rather understated look? How can I communicate and look after this client best? Ultimately, a fitter’s concern is to satisfy clients’ expectations which can sometimes be a challenge. We need to be realistic and educate our clients to clarify which alterations are possible and which aren’t. We aim to make everybody feel like a celebrity looking their best in style and fit, every day.

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