Wedding dress alteration and bodyshape

by | Jul 22, 2016 | At The Altar



Rather than wanting what others have, perhaps thinking we would be happier if we had it, we should all embrace what we have! This applies especially to our body shape – flatter and make the most of what you have by carefully choosing what you wear – especially on your wedding day.


Before you buy your wedding dress, make sure you do plenty of research to discover which type of dress will bring out the best in your shape. Remember to think about neckline, material, belts and the length. About 80% of wedding garments need some sort of alteration to make sure the dress will fit perfectly. It is all about the attention to detail. Depending on the complexity, you will need to keep a sensible budget for the alteration of your dress. But spending money on fit, re-styling and some customised accessories, or a touch of originality and flair – makes a big difference. You want to look your absolute best and accentuate your natural beauty on your special day.

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