Case Study – Restyling of a Family Heirloom  

One of the bridal projects we looked after last year was the restyling of a beautiful wedding dress the bride’s mum had designed for her own wedding about 30 years ago. The dress was too small and out of date but the fabric structure was still in tact which is not always the case. Some features needed to be replaced. After an initial consultation with our team the bride together with her mum decided to go ahead with her wedding dress to be. The timeframe for the project was 3 months.

The enthusiasm paid off and at the collection appointment, the bride and her mum were beyond happy. The bride looked beautiful in her wedding dress. She felt with all the changes being made, the dress now carried her own stamp and encapsulated her style. The mum was moved to see the dress she had designed at the time being brought back to life for the wedding of her daughter. It was beautiful for us to witness and we felt very privileged to support the process with our expertise. 

If you are interested in wearing a family heirloom or vintage wedding dress for your wedding and would like to enquire whether your wedding dress can be restyled, please do call us on 020 7498 4360 or email 



  1. First fitting consultation – the dress was too small 
  2. We restyled the bodice; a closed bodice was opened and made into a laced corset. This added additional width. Because existing sleeves were too small we replaced them with wide shoulder straps/ruffled silk chiffon. This feature added a contemporary feel and shoulder cover which the bride was looking for.  
  3. Restyled wedding dress from the back, bustle attached for the evening party. We updated and repaired decorative flower features.
  4. Restyled wedding dress from the front before collection.  
  5. Repaired and updated beading detail – front


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